Academically Gifted African American Male College Students

(2010) Fred Bonner’s powerful and pioneering book on academically gifted Black Brothers is a breath of fresh are in the age of Obama. How I wish the mainstream media would focus on what Bonner gives us in his marvelous work!–Cornel West, Union Theological Seminary The most encouraging aspect of this study is its fundamental approach of focusing on the voices of high-achieving African American male college students–comparing these experiences of high-achievers on two distinctly different types of campuses, and looking at the relationship between faculty and students and among peers. The voices of the gifted Black male in this book are powerful and offer insight into the important factors that shape their collegiate experiences in two distinct institutional settings. In this 2010 book, Fred Bonner clearly distinguishes himself as one of a small but important group of scholars studying the challenges and successes of gifted African American male undergraduates on our college and university campuses.

  • By: Dr. Fred A Bonner II
  • Type: Hardcover Book
  • ISBN-13: 978-0897898577
  • ISBN-10: 0897898575